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People First

In the course of my lifetime, I’ve observed that American government has shifted to promote and protect big money, big banks, and big business. It seems to me that policy and politics are driven by “profit first, people second.”

I disagree with that direction for America. I believe — as Abraham Lincoln said — in “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” I’m running because I want a government that puts people first.

People First means strong labor laws and unions to protect all who work, with livable wages that support a family on 40 hours of work.

People First means all citizens have access to affordable health care and prescription medication, and do not face bankruptcy in order to survive.

People First means we look for ways to expand economic opportunities through rural broadband initiatives and educational partnerships to bring world class education to our small towns and communities.

People First means we protect our democratic freedoms and every eligible vote counts.

People First — because we deserve a government that works for us.

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I grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range, a descendent of Finnish immigrant farmers and miners. I myself spent a summer working in the fines crusher at Minntac — that third shift job paid for a year of college. Coming from a family with five children, money was always tight, but love was always abundant. I know that my dad’s job as a union steelworker and the government assistance we qualified for was one of the reasons we had enough during lean years for American steel.

Why I want to serve CD8 in Congress

My story is the story of all immigrant families, who start with the hope of a better future for their children and work hard to make it reality.

I announced my campaign because I can’t stand politics.

We are living in an era where kindness, civility, concern, and obvious compassion for our neighbors is absent from the national political conversation.

We are living in an era where programs that have direct impact on the well-being of our most at-risk citizens are losing funding and meaningful change is nearly impossible because politicians deny that they have control over these policy choices.

We are living in an era with some of the greatest economic disparity in history because shareholders are placed at a higher value than the workers who create the products being sold. Economic prosperity is not easily accessible if you weren’t already born into economic prosperity.

I’m running because I can’t stand politics, and if I don’t stand up and use the skills and talents given to me to try to change that, the future that I will leave to my own children will be worse than the one granted to me.