Meet Marje

Marje is the great-grand daughter of Finnish immigrants, who fled famine and conscription in the Russian army to find a better life in America. She is the granddaughter of farmers and miners, and the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and a stay at home mom.

Marje was born in Hibbing, MN. The second oldest of 5 children, her childhood encompassed the boom and bust cycles of the steel industry – with strikes, lockouts, and financial insecurity all parts of her early memories. She is no stranger to the “work hard and help your neighbor” values of mining families.

Marje graduated from Nashwauk-Keewatin High School in 1992. Having financial support in the form of federal grants, local scholarships, and a summer job in the fines crusher at Minntac, she started her college career studying Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University, and finished it with a Bachelor’s of Science in Scientific & Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 1997.

Since then, Marje’s career has spanned industries including software engineering, web development, education, mortgage servicing, online retail servicing, self-employment, and operations management.

Marje is the mother of two teenagers, who have given her their full support and plan to vote for her when they are old enough. She has a fondness for big words and used to read the dictionary for fun.

She announced her campaign to represent the people of Minnesota’s 8th District, which is the home of her heart. She believes national politics have shifted, placing profits before people, and in direct conflict with her belief that the role of government is to serve and work for the people. Her platform of “People First” aims to address and meet the challenges of the folks who call Minnesota’s 8th district home.